No doubt the beautiful beaches, the tropical climate and the laidback lifestyle would be compelling enough to seal the deal on the purchase of a property in paradise. However, the island has a lot more to offer to the potential buyer, whatever their reason be for considering investment in Mauritius.

With a low crime rate, which is a testimony to the warm and peaceful nature of the natives, Mauritius is one of the safest places to live in. Communication flows easily between the locals and the foreigners as most Mauritians are bilingual.

One of the most successful and strongest economies of Africa, Mauritius offers an exotic island lifestyle with the conveniences of a developed country. Indeed Mauritius has a modern infrastructure in place, which includes a well-maintained and extensive road network, medical services of world-class standard, a highly-developed education system, and all the facilities of a developed country that are designed to uplift the quality of life.

Due to its strategic location in the Indian Ocean, its convenient time zone, its state-of the art infrastructure, its skilled workforce, and the various tax incentives, Mauritius is a haven for the foreign investor. Off the east coast of Africa, at about 900 km from Madagascar, the country offers tremendous potential as a business bridge, linking Asia to Africa, and Europe to the emerging economies.

A long-standing political and socio-economic stability attributed to good governance, and above all, the low tax jurisdiction and other fiscal incentives are among the main factors that attract higher foreign direct investment (FDI) and high net-worth individuals to our shores.