Set along the north coast, in between the bustling tourist resort of Grand Bay and the quaint, peaceful little fishing village of Cap Malheureux, Péreybère features among the upmarket neighborhoods of the northern region of Mauritius. Boasting one of the most beautiful beaches of the island, and at only a few minutes away from the most trendy beach resort of the north, Péreybère is highly coveted by both the locals and foreigners who wish to make Mauritius their home.

To the inhabitants of the island, the name Péreybère brings to mind a fine sandy beach and a crystal-clear turquoise lagoon. Though not too large, the beach is indeed quite popular for its calm waters that are ideal for swimming, while its deep lagoon hosts an interesting marine life inviting one to grab their snorkels. The village has a tropical climate, with an average temperature of 28.0 to 35 °C during summer and 18.0 to 28 °C during winter.

Péreybère has a well-stocked supermarket and small grocery stores, a number of boutiques, a variety of restaurants, cafés and bars, and such practical services as ATMs. At about 2.2 km or 5 minutes’ drive along the coastal road is the lively Grand Bay beach resort with its shopping malls, beach clubs, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs. Port-Louis, the capital and business center of the island, is located at about 25km from Péreybère. A 30-minute drive on highway M2 will take you to the heart of the administrative capital for your business.